SpongeBob DarePants

One day in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob Sandy and Patrick were in Jellyfish fields. They are playing a game.. a game that’s going to change Bikini Bottom forever..
“Okay Patrick, Truth or Dare?” said Sandy.
Patrick is out in a deep gaze, drool running down his chin looking at Sandy.
“Patrick!” Sandy yelled.
Gaining concience shakes head. “Wha? Oh..uh..truth!” said Patrick.
“Hmm” Sandy places pointer finger on chin thinking.
“Have you ever worked at The Krusty Krab?” asked Sandy.
Patrick stares again. “Uhhh..”
“Forget it!” said Sandy.
“SpongeBob, Truth or Dare?” said Sandy.
“Dare” he replied confidently.
“I dare you to.. become a murderer for one day” Sandy said.
A flash of lightening filled the sky as SpongeBob spreads a grin across his face.
He looks at Patrick as he is lost in a massive gaze.
Sandy quickly runs off screaming.
SpongeBob pulls out a Jellyfish net, stabbing Patrick with the handling end.
Patrick lays there blood flowing out of his wound.
SpongeBob looks over at Sandy as he walks her way.

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