Their Own Game.

The blond-headed boy whimpered beneath his older twin.

“Shh, Haru,” the oldest twin mumbled into identical lips.

It wasn’t right for them to being doing this. To be doing what they had been doing. But maybe, that’s why it was so much more thrilling. Knowing the things they were doing were incestuous, it made loving each other all the more fun. It was like their own little game, but real. The feelings being truly felt, the feelings of their bodies touch, the whisper of ever tender words in each other’s ears, the perfect placement of their hands as they fit together as one. It was all very real.

Rhythmic movement, sounds combining together as one melody. Sparks dancing around in the air between the two beings. Love’s own dance.

“I love you. So much.”

Tears form slightly at the rims of the younger one’s eyes. To hear those words.. He couldn’t feel anymore safe.

Even if their realistic game of taboo wouldn’t last, it was their game that they would never share with anyone else in the world… but themselves.

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