The Fear of Young Girls

The “smart kid” sat in the back of the class as usual. Everyone was always saying how smart he was.

“If I’m so smart why do I feel so dumb.” he thought “Why can’t I get over my fear.”

The class soon began and the room slowly became quiet. James looked at Matthew chatting it up with Destiny. James shuddered.

“Why can’t I get over my fear?” he thought as he looked at Matthew and Destiny

Class eventually ended and a lone girl waited outside the door as everyone left. It was Madison. I tryed to walk past her quickly, but I knew she was waiting for me.

“Wait up James!” she said

I continued to walk away from her acting as if I didn’t hear her. She pursued me a bit and then let me go.

“I can’t believe I even wanted to befriend that jerk.” she thought

As I was about to turn the corner our eyes met. I slowed down my pace. I could see the confusion, the hate and the regret on her face. Her face quickly filled with surprise suddenly. I knew what she saw on my face. She saw fear.

She saw Parthenophobia.

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