Nentar, Quadblade

A golden day, afternoon bringing a bit of light to what looks like a field of pure gold. In a path through this gold, a single man walks through. His hands are at his side, his gait is a relaxed one. He looks somewhat fatigued, yet he looks pretty energetic too. At his sides are four swords in sheathes, and he himself looks capable of using them. He wears a standard white peasant shirt with a black chain vest over it, and chain pants. He looks quite battle-scarred, too, as though he were returning from a war. ‘Ah, yes, the beautiful fields, how I mssed them.’ He thinks as he walks further on his quest into town.

Suddenly, a bandit jumps out of the tall wheat to each side. The bandit laughs and tries to mug the swordsman, but he has drawn his blades, apparently interconnecting, two in each hand. They form two creepy crescents, and within a few moments, the bandit is made into meaty ribbions.

The swordsman continues on his path, through the golden wheat…

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