How The World Really Ends

2012 AD

“Heart!” The Planeteers all call out. A beam of light shoots out of their rings into the sky, connecting.

“With your powers combined, I am, Captain Planet!” A mystical man, with a crazy green hair-do shouts as he appears out of the beams.

“Captain Planet, look at the Earth! Global Warming is at an all-time high!” Wheeler, the red head from Brooklyn, shouts.

“Yes, Captain, you must help us stop it from completely destroying the ozone layer. Even Hope Island can be affected,” Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, pleads. The rest of the Planeteers agree, while Captain Planet, gives them an awkward stare.

“You expect me to do it all? Sorry, Planeteers, but the world’s in way too deep. Besides it’s not like Dr. Blight did this. This was everyone. Even you guys,”

“You are blaming us? Listen, man, we’ve worked our butt off to stop this from happening, okay?” Kwame complains.

“All right, screw this,” Gaia says, and uses her power to create natural disasters worldwide.

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