Sally's Not Gay

Once upon a time, in a town called Springfield, a little girl named Sally was growing up with her her brother Tom, and her two mothers. Her brother was 16 and had a boyfriend named David.

When Sally went to school, boys and girls were best friends. As she grew up, girls started dating girls, and boys started dating boys. The gay bus driver teased the kids about their gay relationships and played love songs about homosexual relationships on the radio.

When a boy in her school was discovered to have a crush on Sally, he was made fun of and called a “breeder.” His gay friends shunned him and everyone else laughed at him in the halls. The gay teachers looked at him strangely when he spoke in class. Gary was an outcast.

All the movies had predominantly gay couples. Every child along Sally’s street had either two fathers or two mothers. Sally was expected to have a girlfriend at some point, and get married and adopt gay children.

When Sally told her moms she loved Gary, they threw her out of the house.

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