Why do I Screw Up all The Time?

When you are as smart as me you wouldn’t think you would screw up all the time. But you do. Hey I am Janie Everture I have skipped 1 grade. I screw up all the time. I am in the 8th grade. And there is a boy in all my classes. Did you know that smart people don’t laugh as often as stupid people? Well I will laugh softly to myself. But this boy he will walk up to me and just say hey. And I laugh so hard. And when this boy told me he had a crush on me I threw up on him. He stopped talking to me.
Once he talked to me again I thought he still had a crush on me so I kissed him. He had a girlfriend. When he was still trying to be friends he came to my locker. I got so nervous I slammed the door on his fingers and broke 2 of them. As you can see I screw up all the time! Now I have to get a job to pay for his hospital bill.

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