A Huntsman's Tale

Can you bring yourself to kill one whom you love? Even if that love is unrequited, is it still more important than your own life? Could you risk the possibility of never waking each morning, for a girl who could never love you as you love her?

My hands are raised and the axe in my grip, sweat trickling down my brow. One strike and I could kill her. The queen would be happy and my life would be spared. But as I look at the cowering figure of the little princess in front of me, I know I can’t. She is surely too beautiful to die. Her skin is as white as snow, her lips red as blood and her hair black as ebony. Her life is worth more than mine any day. She is a princess and I am only a simple huntsman. I could never be good enough for her.

“Princess Snow White, run into the woods! Never return to this kingdom again, not until the queen is dead. Run and don’t look back!” I scream at her. She whispers in her sweet, sing-song voice, “thank you” before running off. In my heart, I know I have made the right choice.

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