Ongoing Lesson

An impossibly bright single tiny pinpoint of light appeared in the center of the sphere suspended onstage in the physics theater.

“The interior of the sphere,” the Professor commented, “is hard vacuum. If you will activate the view screens at your work stations, you will see a nano-microscopic view of the event, slowed down by a ratio of time=100 squared.”

A brief chitter of keyboards being typed upon rose and fell.

“See how the initial explosion has created whorls and eddys relative to the expansion rate, bonding individual clusters of particles while forming patterns of attraction? This is a residual of the initial nanogravity field attributable to the original particle before it exploded. Since gravity is relative to mass, lesser gravitational fields are carried with the expanding subparticles, the sum of which is less than that of the original particle.”

He smiled brightly. “Can anyone tell me where the lost gravitation is?”

Behind him, the interior of the sphere glowed a hundred shades of color.

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