Light Blue Jeans (Part 1)

Josh was perfect. Well, not according to ‘popular’ media, but Abigail sure thought so. He had dark hair that nearly reached his narrow shoulders, a slender but muscular frame and eyes the colour of the ocean on a warm, calm summer’s day. He stood around 5’5’’ and always wore light blue jeans with an assortment of different T-shirts.
She fell in love with him when she was 12. Even that young, she knew he was the one. But his best friend, Jono, couldn’t keep a secret; so as soon as Jono knew, so did Josh.
All of a sudden, the silly jokes and cute comments stopped. They were replaced by cold glares and snide remarks.
Abi thought she was going to die. The love of her life couldn’t stand to be around her. He wanted her gone, dead. Every night she cried in bed wishing there was something she could do to change his mind. Abi tried tirelessly time and time again but to no avail.

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