Light Blue Jeans (Part 3)

“I couldn’t help it. I mean it would have been weird if I had been nice to you, you would have gotten ideas. Oh and Jono would never have forgiven me.” He hiccupped.
“Why? What do you mean?” Abi was surprised.
“You don’t know? Jono is like in love with you! He has been for years!” He exclaimed.
“Oh no. Dear god no!” She was suddenly hit with a realisation. “So that’s why he told you. So you would hate me and he could rush in and be the hero!”
“No, not really. He sort of told me that if I ever made a move on you he would never talk to me again and tell everyone my darkest secrets.” Josh said, without much emphasis.
“But that’s blackmail!” She cried.
“I know, I should have told you earlier. You didn’t deserve all this hurt.” He was apologetic.
“But…I mean…would you have made a move? Had you been able to?” Abi hid her eyes as she awkwardly asked him the question she had been longing for an answer to.

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