Light Blue Jeans (Part 5)

On her doorstep – the famous cliché moment – he leant forward. As their lips brushed lightly Abi’s skin burned and her head whirled. She felt the world spin around and the ground come rushing up towards her face.
“Whoa there!” He grabbed me just before she hit the pavement.
“Thanks.” She whispered, turning bright red.
‘Stupid pale skin! Why does he have to be so darn cute? He’ll be going out with a tomato!’
“Anytime.” He winked.
He looked at his watch and she saw his face fall.
“Damn, I was supposed to be home an hour ago!” He hugged her goodbye, ran out her gate and all the way up the street, until he was out of sight. Abi sighed.
‘Maybe this was all just another dream. I’ll probably just wake up soon…’

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