Light Blue Jeans (Part 6)

She turned her key in the lock and walked inside, closing the door behind her. She ran up to her room in a daze, until she saw a list of chores, left by her mother, lying on the dresser.
1. Get the mail
2. Empty and refill the dishwasher
3. Collect all the dirty washing and put it in the washing machine
4. Set the machine to double wash for 1 hour
5. Clean your room
‘She sure knows how to kill a good mood doesn’t she…’ Abi grumbled to herself.
She went back outside to check the mailbox. There were three bills for her father, an invitation to a birthday party for her younger brother and a jury duty notice for her mother. She walked back up the path to the front door reading the information on the envelopes. She almost missed the small slip of paper stuck to the door and the light blue flower on the mat below.

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