Bells; A Prolouge I

The day was a whirl to a seven year old child. Lights flashed, people cheered, trumpets rang, and everything was great.

A girl dressed in a large feathered hat and a frilled pink dress scurried through the crowd, smiling and laughing as she ran from voices calling her name.
She skipped through a crowded area before breaking from the crowd, ducking under a wooden fence, and racing to the stables before her.

“Sophia Marie-Daniel!” A harsh voice called behind her as she reached the door of the stables. Laughing to herself, she hurried to her destination.

“Bells!” She whispered, moving into the stall. The black filly made a small noise, turning to the small girl and brushing her nose against her.

“Good Luck Bells!” The girl whispered once more before a figure dressed in the farm colors came in the door. The jockey laughed when he saw her before leading the girl back to her anxious parents.

“Don’t worry, I will take good care of your Bells!” He told her before he left back to the stables.

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