Clearing Up the Confusion

What do most guys do when they fall in love? They sit and wait and watch.

The movie He’s Just Not That Into You would have you believe that “If he likes you, trust me, he will ask you out.” This may have been true back when Cro-Magnon man was running around with a large club clobbering women on the head. If she didn’t die from the concussion, then they were meant to be together.

Move ahead a few centuries, and there are stories of mermaids who lured sailors to their death with beautiful songs. Do you remember the Greek demigoddess Empusa who seduced men, then feasted on their blood and flesh? Or did you hear about the succubus demon who takes the form of women to seduce men in their dreams? Or what about “La Parkita” and “Espectrito Jr.”, the Mexican midget wresters who were seduced and killed by two fake female prostitutes last July?

So next time, when one of you lovely young ladies want to coyly smile and wiggle your hips at a guy, remember that he may be into you, but he also doesn’t want to die.

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