What Has Become Of This?

What has this country come to?
So much hate and unjust
Selfishness and uncaring
Is it that hard to love?

The one place love should not be absenct
Is the one place it is so seldom seen
The place everyone deserves
A home, not a house, to call their own

How can a child hate their paent?
Hoe can a parent not know their child?
A child is influenced by adults
But does that mean the child must be a slave?

Who decided parents can do what the want?
Who gave them the pwoer to always be right?
Who said parents control their children?
Who let them not know of each child as a person?

A child may have been born to two adults
But they are still human, still have voices
Unconitional love is not mandatory, just necessity in life.
So what has this county come to?

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