Confidence drives out Fear.

You know how the saying goes.

Two’s Company.

Three’s a crowd.

Four is just plain nuts. (That’s not part of the quote, but it very well should be.)

I sat there at my desk with Desire (Desire counts as two), Reality, and Fear. I knew someone was missing. Someone who should have been here all along, especially the way my adrenaline’s been pumping.

“Where was Confidence?”

As I watched Emily come down the hall I noticed there was a tall guy in a leather jacket walking next to her. I would have thought it was her boyfriend if I hadn’t known she didn’t have one but I knew who it was.

It was Confidence.

Confidence jogged over to me real quick and crowded near the others.

“Sorry I’m late but I have a good reason.” he said confidently

“Feh.” I thought, My emotions always had good reasons for being late.

Confidence leaned over to me and whispered in my ear.

“Who the man? You the man! Yeah Boy, We got this!” Confidence whispered

Just as Emily came into the door he jumped back and yelled “Show time!”

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