Confidence Fades

My adrenaline starts racing, which keeps Confidence closer to me then Desire, or Reality. When Emily finally gets to me, I’m a bit proud of myself for sticking it out.
Now I have to ask her to hang for Pride to arrive again. Or maybe Happiness will come this time, she’s been away for a while.

“Hey James,” Emily says, “walk me to my next class? I’m pretty sure you’re in it.” We both chuckle and Confidence is smiling widely behind her.

“Sure,” I say and try to think how to ask her, but decide that Fear could come up any second so I should take a chance, “Hey Em, are you doing anything after school?”

“Uh, no, I’m not actually,” she says. Maybe oblivious to the point of the question.

“Do you want to, uh, hang out?” I ask, nervously, yet a little bit proud. She thinks about it for a while.

“Hmm, maybe,” she says. That’s when, Confusion, comes materializing next to her and Confidence is quickly fading.

“What does she mean? Is she interested?” Confusion asks making me wonder more.

Happiness isn’t coming.

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