Bells; A Prolouge II

The trumpets sang and the horses lined up at the gate.

“Daddy!! I see Bells!! I see Bells!” Sophia shouted above the roar of the crowd. Her father nodded at her, smiling as she turned back to the track.

At the signal, the gates flew open and the sounds of 40 hooves pounded on the ground. Sophia shouted in excitement, watching the horses push their way down the track.

A fourth of the track finished. Bells black body blended in with the rest. Two fourths of the way there. Sophia jumped up and down happily, not caring who won. Three fourths there now. The crowd was going wild. The final stretch.

People jumped up and down in front of Sophie, not letting her see the race. A black figure tripped and fell, but no one notices, all eyes focused on the finish line.

The crowd cheered as the line was crossed, and the mass moved down to the winner’s circle. Sophia heard her dad swear, and her mother let out a cry before she pulled Sophia away.

“Bells?… Bells?… Mom… Where is Bells!? Where is she Mom!?”

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