Just That Girl Part 2

The bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson. As I walked out the classroom a soft finger tapped me on the shoulder.
“Hi” she said, grinning, showing her gorgeous white glistening teeth.
“H-Hi” He stuttered
“I’m really excited about this project, I love a midsummers nights dream. We should meet up to do the project, heres my email address.” she said confidently, handing him a small piece of paper with neat, little, pink handwriting on it. She said goodbye and he stood in the hallway reading the note again and again.
“Miranda Harris”

“Hey Jerk Face!If you dare make a move on my girl…well lets just say you’ll be dead meat!” Kurt growled
“Don’t worry about it man” I said, raising my hands in defense
“Good” he said, walking away

Josh always enjoyed English, but he knew he was going to start enjoying it more. At lunch time Josh went to the library and researched the play. By the time lunch ended he had enough information to impress Miranda.

He couldn’t wait!

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