Aaron Tanner

“Naw, it’s my fault,” He says back in a rather amazing voice (the kind you just don’t want to stop listening to).

I take a step back and look up through my bangs to examine his attire. In addition to his Converse shoes, he’s wearing plain blue jeans that are slightly faded at the knees. Off to the right I can see a hint of his blue plaid boxers. He’s wearing a grey long-sleeve shirt layered by a red short sleeve shirt with a black Etnies logo in the center. The last thing I notice are the drum sticks stored in his back pocket. He looks amazing.

I guess I stared too long because he clears his throat and asks “Um, you OK?”

Crap. “Uh…yeah, I’m fine. You?”

He chuckles a bit and says “Yeah, I’m cool.”

“Um…uh, I’m…I mean, uh, my name’s….um uh…ARIZONA!” I finally belt out, “Arizona Smith,” I stay softly.

I dare to look up and I see his smile again and I instantly look down.

“Hey, I’m Aaron – Aaron Tanner, nice to meet you.” Manners. That’s it, he’s perfect.

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