A Battle Even Confidence Would Have Trouble Winning

Confusion was one of my least favorite feelings. His side-kick was uncertainty and his best friend was doubt. Uncertainty and Doubt soon showed up with Confusion. They were quiet the team.

“Does she even like us? Were we foolish to be so bold?” Doubt and Uncertainty chimed in together as they walked towards me.

“What should we do?” Uncertainty said

“Will we screw up our relationship with her on the first day?” Doubt said

I eyed Condfidence hoping for some back up. Confidence made a step up to the three confidently. Desire and all the other emotions had fled. Fear had even decided to make a surprise appearance.

“With all of the other negative emotions hanging around why shouldn’t Fear join the party?” I thought

Confidence pushed the Uncertainty and Doubt into Confusion and Fear. Confidence stood in front of me protectively.

A stand-off ensues. Confidence vs. The Negative Emotions and Emily and I, with our now awkward silence.

I feel as if I should say something but no words can leave my mouth.

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