My Love Life

My whole love life has been by chance.

Being introduced to Catie at the Highschool expo was sheer luck.

Out of these girls my relationship with Catie was the first to take off. Many Boys told me she was out of my league.

I didn’t care.

I proved these guys wrong by taking her to homecoming. She had wanted to go with my best friend. But he turned her down. Me asking her probably seemed out fo the blue. I never see her around school and had only talked to her a few times.

That didn’t stop us.

When I saw her on homecoming night I thought she was so beautiful. This was kind of my first date and I was very nervous. We met at her house for the party. I was as polite as I could be. Her parent’s seemed to like me well enough. We took pictures. But the other guys did somethings that hurt me. They would come up to Catie real close from behind and hug her. And told me to do the same.

That just wasn’t my style.

We all soon left for Homecoming.

It was a night I would never forget.

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