An Emotional Battle

I sit down in class, and thank God for assigned seats, because mine is all the way in the back. Confidence and the Negative Emotions argue to the death right in front of me, which I must admit does keep me entertained.

“Emily totally likes us! We’re cool, hot and funny, Emily can’t not like us,” Confidence battles.

“Are we sure?” Doubt and Uncertainty fight back.

“What if she’s trying to let us down nicely?” Confusion asks, which is all he ever does.

“What if we’re going too fast and we mess everything up?” Fear suggests.

“Yes, we’re sure! We’ve got this! So shut up!” Confidence yells, but my Emotions and I are the only ones who can hear him, “Look, she’s passing us a note! She’s gonna say yes!”

“Confidence, don’t imitate Hope, she isn’t here,” Reality suddenly appears, “she’s probably just letting him down easy.”

“You know he’s right, James,” Fear chimes in. Fear, of course, has me there. Confidence is losing this battle and when the note gets to me.

The moment of truth arrives.

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