Smoothie explosion (Dancing through life #2)

I invited my 4 best dance friends back to my house for smoothies. I lived in New york city, in a high rise penthouse apartment. It was a big apartment, lets just say my family was somewhat “upper class”. I borrayed into the kitchen, followed by Gianna, Holly, Dylan, and Skye. We all grabbed ingriedents and started cutting.
“Hm..I’ll have bannanas, strawberrys, and blueberrys, yogurt, milk, and grapes, and watermelon, oh maybe kiwi!” Holly said.
We all exploded into giggles. Holly was a big eater.
“I dont want a smoothie. I’ll just have an apple.” Dylan reached for one.
I slapped her arm. Dylan was the smallest girl I’ve ever seen. She was also the loudest and most visicous girl I’d ever met.
“Your not allowed to have an apple unless its in a smoothie.” Skye told her.
Holly started the blender.
“Wait! Add more apples!” Dylan lifted the lid of the blender, splattering all its contents over Gianna.
She screamed, ran to my fridge, got milk, and pouring it over Dylans head. Soonwe we having a smoothie fight.

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