We were just sitting in my room. 2 of my best friends. Listening to our favorite band our inspiration They might be giants. They might Be Giants was the inspiration for our band Florida’s Nerd Academy. We were talking about the future. When I finally confessed I like Gary to my friends. Gary walks in. He comes to my bed and grabs me and kisses me. Then I woke up. It was the best dream of my life. And on the other side of my bed I saw Gary I looked in the mirror I was old! Then I woke up again. And I remembered my setting now. I was in the hospital. Gary, my mom, Janean, and Bethenie walked in. I asked how I got here. They said that I was Skate boarding with everyone and I lost my balance and fell I got a concussion also I broke my leg. Then everyone left the room. Gary came back in and said he pushed me because he got angry that I liked him. Then He came to my bed and kissed me! And this time I didn’t have to wake up because it was real!

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