Just another day in paradise #3

I walked into my school’s giantic diner themed cafeteria. I walked over to the booth in the corner, my usual table. Callie and Melanie were already there. I slid in next to them while we waited for Alex, and Brooke to join us before we started out gossip. I started eating my salad while I popped my bottle of sprite.
“So guys,” I chatted when everyone was there, “What are we gonna do today?”
These were my best friends in the entire world. The best part was, they were my friends before I was rich, which showed they were my true friends.
We lived in Calefornia, where all the action was, so we could basically do anything we wanted.
“Lets try and stalk Justin Bieber!” Brooke suggested.
“Ugh, no way, I HATE him.”
“How could you hate him? Hes amazing!” Alex chimmed in.
“And gorgeous!” Callie added.
I shrugged. "Yeah, I guess. But he seems soooo concieted. "
And with that we were off the topic.

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