The Night Time Waltz

The faint music of the orchestra could be heard leaking out of the hall into the cooling autumn air. It was late; the dew had already formed and its glitters spread over the ground like a sea of sparkling gems, and the orange and red leaves of the season drifted lazily through a firefly ballet. I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t even realize that the slow rhythm of the waltz had faded away.

Our strides slowed to a halt and I let him lead me over to a nearby bench. I didn’t realize how cold it had gotten until I sat down on the slimy moist stone surface. I never really got cold though, before long I was wrapped in his arms under a blanket of stars.

As wonderful as the night was I could tell something was troubling him. The entire evening he has been uneasy, even now I can feel his chest rising and falling at an unsettled pace. I was going to speak but I know he wouldn’t have heard me I could tell by his eyes, it was like he had retreated into himself, trying to convince himself to do something…

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