Friends 2

I pushed Gary back. “I thought you pushed me because you didn’t want me to like you.”
“I never said that I just said I got mad that you liked me because the girl is suppose to like the guy after and I didn’t like you till I found out you like me!”
We kissed again. Right After he finish kissing me the nurse walked in. She said it was OK if I left but I would have to be in bed for a week. Also I would have to have surgery on my leg. When I got home Gary carried me up to my room. My mom said she had to run an errand and Gary was in charge of me. So we kissed the entire time.
A week after I broke my leg I got about 50 packages. Most of them had stuffed animals. 1 was unmarked I opened it and saw the pictures of my dad, covered in blood. I knew my dad was murdered I just never wanted to see his body again. Well he wasn’t exactly murdered, he killed himself. I started crying. Why the hell would someone send me these?

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