My Worst Enemy - Perverts.

The boys were staring at me pervertedly in the back of the classroom.

I slouched in my chair trying to less appealing, but that only caused my skirt to rise more over my legs. It was a mini skirt.

“Why did I have to wear this today!?”

The leader of the pack: Izzy, pulled out his I-phone and snapped a picture. I quickly adjusted my skirt.

“Why did I have to be the only girl in Tech. Ed.? Why!” I thought

“Am I just an object to them?”

I knew all of these pictures would be going on facebook unless I did something. I put my jacket over my legs and crossed my arms. Foolish looking? Yes. But it did keep them from looking at me in that… Ugh, perverted way.

The boy behind me leaned forward and lifted the back of my skirt.

And was suddenly thrown to the back of the room.

He crashed into several desks on his way back.

The Teacher turned around from the board confused and horrified.

Noone knew what had truly happened except me.

Later in the day Izzies I-phone dissapeared.

I was a telekinetic.

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