The young man stumbled into the subterranean city.

A dwarf tending his clothing shop, Bogumir’s, eyed the young man, thinking he must be drunk, looking as dazed as he was. But why were his clothes torn?

Bogumir ambled toward the young man, steadying his gait and directing him toward his shop. “Perhaps you’d be interested in a new shirt?…Or shoes?” he asked as he noticed the man’s feet were bare, although they bore no wear for it.

“Armor…blades…Blades all around.”

“What are you going on about, son?”

The young man gripped the dwarf’s shoulders and his vacant stare bore into the dwarf’s soul as he spoke, “the Titan Odys fell, and shortly after, the city fell, my city fell to blades…Whipping, whirling blades, faster than the eye could follow. All of them gone… All of them…except perhaps myself.”

The dwarf yelled down the crowded hall “Medic!!” as the young man collapsed upon him.

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