Just another day in paradise #4

Since the girls and I couldn’t figure out what to do, we just decided to hang at my place. I walked through the giant brass doors of my house.
She probably didn’t hear because she was in another wing of the house.
All the girls followed me up 2 flights of stairs, around hallway after hallway, the to a very slim stairway. We ended up in the library. All the girls giggled. I used one of the bookshelfes as a door to get to my room.
The girls had gotton used to the fact that I had one 500 billion dollars, 5 years ago. They had gotton used to the fact that my house was one of the biggest in america.
We stepped into my room. I loved my room. I had a queen theme. I had pink and orange crowns accenting my white walls. My huge heart shaped bed was covered with a gigantic pink, fluffy comfoter with an orray of pillows. I had a monsterous plasma tv, and lots of furniture spread out though my room. I walked over to my mac computer and started blasting music. Everyone laughed and started dancing.

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