What is Depression?

If we are to go about defeating depression, we must understand just what it is. Really, it’s quite simple when you get to the roots of it.

Depression is composed of two basic things: pain and anger.

Are these the only things that make up depression? No. Certainly not, but these two are the most basic ingredients. Everything else in depression stems from these two things.
It is impossible to be depressed without both of these things. Pain can make a person sad, but sadness and depression are two completely different animals.

Pain is transformed into depression with anger. Anger in itself is a harmless emotion. However, when it is given too much control over one’s heart, it can detrimentally effect you. Anger, in terms of depression, is a result of not accepting pain.
When one does not accept pain, a rebelious anger clashes with it. This begins the sensation of a “war in the heart”.
I will talk more about this later.

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