What is Pain?

Now that we have established the basis upon which depression is built, lets go a little more in depth.
Pain is the starting point of depression. Actually, let me reword that: Pain can be the starting point of depression. What you do with the pain is up to you.

Pain can be caused by a number of different things: Loss of a loved one, seemingly repeated failure, high expectations from others, lack of acceptance from others, ect. There are too many things to list to put them all here.

Everyone experiences pain in their lives, but not everyone experiences depression in their lives. It all depends on how the person handles pain. Keep in mind that when I’m talking about depression, I’m talking about hopelessness, self-hatred, and anything else catalyzed by the clash of pain and anger (this includes physical side effects as well, eg. chronic lethargy).
While it is difficult to avoid the clash, there are many people who do it without even thinking about it. These people are simply more willing to accept pain.

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