Just another day in paradise #5

After chatting in my room, then hiting the bowling alley, we decided to go to the ice cream sunday room. It had a giant sundae bar in the middle, with many surronding ooths and tables. We all made our sundaes and sat down by the window seat.
“Your brother is soooooo cute skateboarding!” Alex gushed.
Everyone nodded. It was sooo wierd that everyone thought my brother was hot. He was 16, a year older than us. I also have 12 and 7 year old sisters.
“Who is that, with your brother?” Melanie asked, curious.
I shrugged. “Probably just a new friend.”
“A hot new friend!” Callie winked.
I laughed and looked closer at the new boy. He did actually look pretty cute. He had shaggy brown hair, and he was wearing a yankee hat backwards. I couldn’t see his face, but his jeans and DC sweatshirt definatly qualified him as hot.
“Hmmm. I have dibs!” I called.
We all stared at each other for a second, then in at the same time hopped from our seats, and raced for the door.

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