But I'm Not

“I-I miss my old life, Queen. And I don’t like this Plane. Nothing happens here.” Elise shuffled her feet awkwardly.

All Selphs miss their old lives, Elise. It cannot be helped. You should be honored to have been chosen.

“I- suppose so…” replied Elise hesitantly. “But-“

And furthermore, this Plane is designed especially for you, to preserve your safety and comfort. Is that not pleasing to you?

“Well…yes. Yes, it’s very pleasing to me, Queen, thank you.” Elise struggled to put a smile on her face. She knew there was no use arguing with Queen- she was always right, and that was that.

Good. I am glad you are happy, my child. The ethereal voice faded away.

Elise plopped back onto the ground heavily and sighed. But I’m not…

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