Country Singer

Jenny was a beautiful blond who grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since she was a small child she dreamed of being a singer, but not just any singer, a Country Singer. On her 20th birthday she set out to make her way into the music industry.
Jenny packed her bags and set her sights on Nashville, Tennessee, after all that is where ALL the Country Singers get started, right? As she arrives in Nashville she was in awe at the sights,all the night clubs and bars that lined the streets. With her head all fuzzy with excitement she finds the hotel she had reserved two weeks earlier. As she checks in and gets to her room she flops down on the bed and come to realize that she is now on her own and she is here to make her dreams come true.
The sun shines through the window the next morning as she gets ready to face her destiny. As Jenny comes to the steps of the recording studio she takes a deep breath. With a homemade demo in hand she approaches the big desk. She hands the tape over. One year later….still not a star

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