Becoming Sophia (41)

I awoke in a daze. The smell of roasted vegetables and chicken muddled my senses and I felt my stomach clench at the thought of a meal. I made to move, to get up and find out where I was, but my head throbbed and a wave of dizziness overwhelmed me. I settled back with a groan, feeling every nerve in my body scream with protest at any sort of movement.

“Mama, mama, she’s awake!” A little boy whispered loudly nearby.

“Oh, dear.” I heard more than saw someone moving towards me. “Up we go,” she said and heaved my sore body into a sitting position. I whimpered pitifully and cracked open my eyes.

“Where—where—” I couldn’t seem to get a simple sentence out.

“She’s really pretty, mama,” I heard the little boy murmur and I blushed.

“Thank you,” I said absently. My own voice sounded strange to me—hoarse and raspy.

“Drink some of this, mon chere,” She said and there was suddenly a hot broth pressing at my chapped lips. It felt amazing pouring warmly down my sore throat. I gulped every drop down greedily.

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