Moment of Happiness or Worry?

My hands are shaking as I undo the paper’s perfect fold. My heart’s pounding hard and Fear, Reality, Uncertainty, and Doubt are all battling with Confidence, and its all up to me to either shut them up or make more emotions arrive.

james about after school… i’m not so sure we can hang I read. Confidence seems to be gone and everyone else is smiling and laughing evilly, but I see there is more writing on the bottom of the paper.

But tmrrw sounds nice if ur free My eyes light up and I smile bigger than ever.

“NO!” they all yell together, they disappear suddenly and I finally feel relieved. My heart beat is slower and I feel almost…

“Hello James,” Happiness says. Her motherly voice unstresses me more.

“Hi, Happiness,” I whisper, “where’ve you been?”

“Waiting for you to summon me,” she laughs soothingly, “but James, you seem to be feeling something else.” I sigh. I thought I could keep it away, but my emotions always seem to surface.

Thats when Worry, a little blonde girl, appears next to me.

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