Tipsy.. er, Dipsy

“It was a knife what done it” said Baby Face, his voice surprisingly deep, “I saw it with my own two eyes”
The Voiceover Guy took notes on his notepad, listening to Baby Faces words.
Jesus, that’s bright. He thought, It’s like I’m looking at… at the sun.

Baby Face’s words were drowned out by the sound of static.
Static? That Means-
“Get down!” Baby Face yelled, as a bowl of custard flew through his left eye.
As the blood mixed with the pink custard, Baby Face turned and recognized the murderer.
“That’s the guy that done it! He yelled! He killed LaLa!”
Voiceover Guy turned, and saw a large purple figure running away.
He knew where it was headed.

Voiceover Guy opened the door to the futuristic house. It was apparently empty, all the lights turned off.
“Anyone there?” Voiceover Guy yelled, “Anyone? Say Hello!”

A purple man emerged from the shadows, apparently holding a television at his stomach.
There was a sound of static.
The purple figure grimaced.

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