A change for the better (The Good life #3)

I rushed into my usual salon, needing a change. I didn’t actually know why I wanted to do this, the idea just came to me, and I knew it was perfect.
“Maggie! Darling!”
“Oh! Laura!
I trotted over to her.
“I’m going blonde.”
“WHAT!” Laura grabbed my long, wavy, lusicous brunette locks. “Are you crazy!”
“I have to! I’m changing myself. I dont want anyone to recognize me.”
Laura sighed, and got to work. I watched with sadness, as my hair was cut up to my shoulders, then dyed bloned, chemically straightened, with added side bangs, then purple extensions. Laura gave me green contacts and fake eyelashes to hide my normally bright blue eyes. She added permanent freckles across my nose. She slipped on a pair of glasses for the final touch.
“My Maggie is gone!” She started tearing up as she hugged me.
I sighed. I knew my life wasn’t going to be the same now, but I was excited. I was now Jeanette Snelling, a normal teen girl.

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