Just another day in paradise #6

I changed into dark super skinny jeans with rips from abercrombie, a light blue cami with a long sleeved plaid button-down atop it, along with a brown cowbot belt draped across the front. I slipped on brown UGG slippers, and kept my hair down and straight with a brown headband.
I walked outside heading for the skatepark where my brother Derrek was with his new friend.
The unknown boy looked gorgeous from behind.
I walked over to them, as he turned around.
I gasped.
“Your justin bieber!”
His eyes widened.
“Derek this is your sister?”
Derek nodded.
This girls were all staring at him, blabbering and screaming. Instead of paying attention to them, he didn’t look away from me.
My eyes narrowed.
“Stop looking at me like that!”
“Sorry..your just soo beautiful.” He smiled charmingly.
The girls oohed and awed. It wasn’t like that for me.
“You think that jut because your so famous, that you can get any girl you want. But your wrong!”
And with that, I stomped away.

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