In the Shadows of Men (6)

When my Uncle sat back down, my Aunt passed me a plate of eggs and ham to place on the table. Like a good little farm girl, I placed the plate in front of him and headed back to the range, for my cousins plate.

Earlier in the morning, without me knowing, my Aunt had accidentally spilt a little water very close to the table and hadn’t managed to clean it up yet. This I only leanred later that day. As I was placing the plate before him, one of my feet slipped from under me. I tumbled and the plate of food had landed in my cousins lap.

“FATHER!” he cried, “LOOK WHAT SHE DID!” his face like thunder he continued, “SHE DID IT ON PURPOSE!”

Unfortunately, being only five, I knew no better than to say, “No I didn’t, I slipped”

Here my Uncle stood up, towering over me as I sat on the floor where I had fallen.

“Are you telling me that your cousin is a liar?” his voice hushed and dangerous, even i could see I’d said the wrong thing.

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