It expanded, black on blackness,
desperate on desperation.
It melted softly into itself, the dark surface reflected nothing,
sucked all space deep,
sinking, spreading, down into itself
The fluid tar of introversion
engulfed the life around it, threatening the consumption
of more than just the floor,
of more than just her body,
of more than just the mind.
The wires deeply integrated from the transfiguration
Slowly, delicately, unraveling, like it was DNA.
Slowly becoming less coherrant, like breaking letters into
broken lines and circles
The bursts of energy from each little crack
building within the confines of this new universe
expanding it just slower than the one she seceded from
destroying what is just born.
Forever breaking the bonds of bonds
smaller and smaller, never ceasing to exist
but still falling away from sight.
The light bright, though for one brief moment
until it’s sucked into the ceaselessly deep waters.

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