Worry's Worries

Worry sat down beside me legs crossed. Worry was just a cute little girl who was dressed in a casual shirt, shorts and sandals.

“I think she feels obligated to hang with us.” Worry whispered

I eyed Worry curiously.

“What do you mean Worry?”

“What if, She feels she must meet you after school. The note she wrote us sounded kind of, kind of”

“Kind of what?”

“Sympathetic.” Worry concluded quietly

I froze. Happiness quickly disappeared. I re-read the note. It did kind of seem sympathetic. Uncertainty appeared next to me and laughed.

“You honestly thought she” Uncertainty said as he pointed to Emily “Would even give us a chance?”

I felt my anger stirring. You CAN’T get angry at Worry. But you can get mad at uncertainty, he’s a real jerk.

“I think she would.” I whispered evenly to myself


“I think she would.”

Uncertainty muttered a curse and disappeared. Worry exited with him. Two hands fell on my shoulder. I looked around at them.

It was Fear and Confidence.

A Stunning Combination.

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