Love Drunk : Boys Like Girls

Images flash through my head as I listen to you cry and plead. Top down, the summer sun, the fireworks. It was so flashy and fantastic. I wanted you so bad it hurt. Your voice snaps me back to the present. “We used to kiss all night… don’t you remember all we had?” I still taste it on my tongue. “I still need you.”

I can’t listen to this crap. “Tough shit! It’s you that needs to remember, not me! In case you haven’t heard, I love you forever. But it’s too late, and forever is over. So don’t call me crying, trying to fix things.” I hate myself for saying it, but it’s how I feel. Your call has left me swimming in memories. It hurts to think about all the bull shit you put me through. You drove me crazy every time we touched… but I guess everything we had didn’t mean a thing to you.

You’re still crying. “Oh, cut it out. I wish I could feel sympathy for you, but I can’t. I used to be love drunk, but now I’m just hungover. Say hello to goodbye.” I hang up.

Now it’s over. I’m so broken I can’t get up.

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