Pride's Back

Confidence’s hand is warm, and Fear’s hand is ice cold, but both send chills down my spine.

“You’re totally overlooking it, James. Come on. Worry is just trying to… worry you,” Confidence tries to convince me.

“What if you’re not overlooking it? What if Worry is right?” Fear also tries to convince me. I’m not sure what to do, but not too unsure that Uncertainty decides to pop up. The bell, finally, finally rings and I rush out the classroom.

“Ask her, just to prove me right,” Confidence pleads.

“And make a fool of yourself?” Fear inserts. I try to tune them both out and figure it out on my own, without my emotions’ influence. Emily follows next to me and smiles.

“So what time tomorrow, James?” She asks.

“Uh—” I look at Confidence and then at Fear, and I figure Fear has won enough, “Right after school sounds about nice.”

“Perfect,” she says and walks away. Thankfully that was the last period, so on my way to my locker, the rarest visitor appears walking by me.


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