As For Love...

It hurts
It saves
It separates and brings together
Holds people by an invisible tether

But keep yours away from me
Just go away and let me be

Love loves to hate me
It shows up and fades away
How can I stand to live this way?

Just go and leave me alone
A heart of cold and lifeless stone
Would be easier to carry

The burden I must bury
When you take your love back
When you turn on me
Tell me that you don’t care

I don’t dare live again
I don’t dare die again
I don’t dare try again
With this cursed love lurking in the shadows

Don’t give it to me
I don’t want it
I won’t let my heart be haunted
By anything that you could do

I’ll just stay inside myself
I’ll just die all by myself
I might be beside myself
Oh yes, I’m definitely falling

The incandescent glowing dark
Is easier to bear than a beating heart
The contrast here is much to stark
How I used to feel

The friends I’ve kept
And cherished dear
Have chosen Far instead of Near

Sometimes the road one undertakes
Others are loath to appreciate
Leave me here

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