The Aurist and The Shield (part of my nano story)

We bolted down the tracks, jumping over couplings to run between trains parked side by side. A box car was open on a third train that was picking up speed. We ran for it.
Kyle was faster, he caught it and swung himself aboard, reaching out for my hand. “Come on! You can do it!”

I reached, I felt his fingertips. I was winded, my chest was sore from breathing, but my life depended on grabbing his hand. I pushed myself. I caught his hand and he helped pull me aboard.

I sat down to catch my breath, the buildings giving way to houses and trees, then those disappearing in fields and grasses. I looked over at Kyle. He was not looking outside. He was slouching against the wall and obviously lost in thought. I wished I could see his aura. I would know if he was thinking about the past, the present, or the future. The past would be sad, a gray/blue, the present would be fearful, a red-orange, and the future would be full of planning, calculating thoughts, a green with bits of dark and light hues.

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