Just another day in paradise #7

“Ohmygod Cami!” Alex screeched as we were back in my room. “He called you beautiful!”
I rolled my bursting blue eyes.
“Doesn’t effect me one bit.”
I peeked down at my straightened dark brown hair that went to my elbows. What was so pretty about me? I was tall, (5’7 thin, and slightly muscular.
Brooke sighed.
“Your soooo lucky.”
“Im not beautiful at all!” Callie mourned.
I looked at all my friends. Brooke was really tall, (5’9), extremly muscular, and had long, lusicous blonde hair to her mid-back.
Melanie was short, (5’5, with wavy black hair to her shoulders, and green eyes that shone through midight.
Callie had the curliest hair I have ever seen. I was light brown, almost a caremel color, and hazel eyes. She was the same height as me.
Alex was short, (5’4)and really small. She was the tiniest thing in the world. She had a dirty blonde bob, and blue eyes like me.
“Guys, you are the most gorgeous girls in the world!” I can’t believe they didn’t think so.

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